Words from Sigrdrifa

Hi, my podcast is recorded both in English and Swedish since I'm a  Kona from Gothenburg, Sweden. I'll  be speaking on norse creation saga, the golden age called Frodafridr, about skygods, creation gods and the noble warrior, the magical rune row Utharken and much more...

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nordisk myt & sagor

Sigrdrifa läser från Eddans gudasagor och pratar om nordisk mytologi, refererar till böcker etc

Norse myth & sagas

I explore various subjects in Norse mythology and have translated from a Swedish book on rune magi to English.

Sigrdirfa podcast on episodes

Maiden mythology in Norse society

I’m exploring the purpose of initiations called ”sacred marriage” and the esoterica behind ”finding a spirit spouse.

The golden age and the mead of poetry

In norse mythology there was a time that was called the ”golden age” where ”peace and wisdom” ruled the land this time is known as Frodafridr.

Norse Creation Story

I'll speak of the creation story in Norse myth and the nine worlds around the ”the great measuring tree Yggdrasil". And out of this giant the first humans, Ask and Embla where created.

Sol-Vagnen - Our ancestors were sun worshipers

Our ancestors were sun worshipers. The Sol- vagnen is perhaps the finest example of a Scandinavian Bronze Age religion

Sky gods, Creation gods and the Noble warrior

The most known skygod in Norse myth is Heimdall, even though Tor and Tyr also are candidates".

The magical rune row Utharken

This presentation is about the magical rune row Utharken. He focuses on rune magic and gematria.

Sången om Sigrdrifa

Sigurd red upp på Hindarfjället och styrde sin kosa söderut till Frankland.


Rig (fornnordiska Ríg eller Rígr) är namnet på en fornnordisk gud i Eddadikten Rigstula